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Temporal Echoes is an exploration of subjective temporality and the way memories repeatedly re-experience (and therefore re-structure) themselves in the mind. Informed by my experience with ADHD, I aim to visualize a neurodivergent and dreamlike mind's eye through which out-of-sync time and memory flow.

The photographs themselves serve as a measurement of time, which then re-experience themselves through various post-processing methods (printing, burning, scanning, etc.) as well as in the mind of each new viewer, leading to a sense of distortion and continuous evolution like that which occurs every time one internally traverses time to recall a memory. The series confronts rigid numerical clock time with the hazy, nonlinear, and distinctly human temporal experience.

Temporal Echoes was completed as my final project for my MA in Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion. The work will be on display as part of the 2024 Graduate Showcase at LCF Stratford from 12 February-9 March. 

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